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Obstetrics – Gynecology

Obstetrics – Gynecology

This branch of medicine dealing, on the one hand, physiology and treat female genitalia and on the other, physiology and pathology of pregnancy and birth. The visit to the gynecologist should become a routine action conducted at least once per year, in order to prevent a number of diseases, some of them very serious. Also, in case of any changes Reproductive see a specialist is required urgently. At ELYTIS Hospital you will find a team of highly qualified medical professional treating your health with maximum responsibility. In addition, high-performance equipment that helps correct diagnosis.


Now consult a gynecologist!

Do not wait to show health problems to discuss with gynecologist. Every woman must go at least twice a year to a gynecological examination to detect early potential illnesses they suffer. Whether you decide to become pregnant in the next month or have symptoms of a disease and do not know what it is, a control specialist is more than recommended! Conquer your fear of white coats and take advantage of the experience of our specialists.


Cabinet of Obstetrics – Gynecology provides various medical services such as counseling and treatment of diseases in the field of gynecology, diagnosis and monitoring of the development tasks, including assistance at birth, diagnosis and treatment of infertility – interruption of pregnancy by suction curettage-contraceptive implant contraceptive coil, early detection genital cancer, cervical biopsy, uterus extirpation of polyps, cervical electrocautery, surgery, vaginal discharge and other exam.


Services offered by the Department of Obstetrics – Gynecology:

– Consultation / primary health control

– Consultation / control MEDIC SPECIALIST

– Control after surgery

– Abdominal ecography

– ECO task (routine)

– ECO 18 to 22 weeks pregnancy

– Harvest cytology

– Exam Pap smear

– Bacteriological examination

– Videocolposcopie

– Hysteroscopy

– Cervical electrocautery

– Installation sterilet

– Extraction sterilet